Adult Classes
BALLROOM AND LATIN - At Dance Workshop we work hard to help you get the best learning experience we can give you. Our classes aren’t too large so you will receive individual attention and guidance as you learn. If you are an absolute beginner with no dance experience at all, watch out for our introductory courses. Coming with a partner is preferred.
BALLET - Classical ballet classes IDTA based with an element of free work are available from BEGINNERS to ADVANCED . We encourage adults of all ages either with no experience at all or those who just want to come back to ballet after leaving it off. It is never too late to benefit from the discipline of ballet for those who have always wanted to learn. Ballet encourages strength, suppleness and stamina; in the classes the focus is on correct alignment and strengthening the core central muscles.
COMMERCIAL DANCE - Jazz funk classes, with Helen Calcutt, combine hip-hop, street and jazz (Fosse) to create musical, dynamic routines. Classes focus on musicality and precision in choreography with performance and expression – a great class for dancers who would like to work within the commercial industry – or those who need a bit of Beyonce-ness in their day!
CUBAN SALSA - The beauty of learning Salsa in a studio rather than a club is that you get more correction, more tuition in technique, more space (usually) and more chance to go over steps and patterns at your own pace. The classes give every student a chance to develop their technique to a high standard at a pace suitable to them in a fun and easy going environment
EGYPTIAN DANCE - In our Egyptian dance classes at The Dance Workshop, we teach classical, baladi and shaabi styles. In beginners class the focus will be on simple technique of steps and arm movements and simple dance routines. For ladies only.
PILATES - A reasonable level of fitness is required for general classes. Anyone wishing to attend Pilates at The Dance Workshop should establish their level with the teacher before attending class and go over any health issues beforehand. There are regular introductory courses for those with no previous experience.
T'AI CHI - Anyone wishing to attend T'ai Chi at The Dance Workshop should establish their level with the teacher before attending class and go over any health issues beforehand. Cost is determined by the teachers.
TAP - If you want to get more energy and verve, this class is for you! The classes all focus on good rhythm work, technique and dance routines. Beginner’s class teaches the basic vocabulary of tap with very simple routines; level two begins to develop slightly more demanding technique and routines whereas the intermediate/advanced or level 3 class is for more experienced dancers, who enjoy a fast paced, rhythmical challenge. Tap classes are on Tuesday evening. The next INTRO TO TAP to be announced soon.