If you want to get more energy and verve, this class is for you! The classes all focus on good rhythm work, technique and dance routines.
Beginner’s class teaches the basic vocabulary of tap with very simple routines; level two begins to develop slightly more demanding technique and routines whereas the intermediate/advanced or level 3 class is for more experienced dancers, who enjoy a fast paced, rhythmical challenge,

Tap classes are on Tuesday evenings. 

TUESDAY  7.30 pm Beginners class – A class for those who have a some experience of tap;  7.30 pm Level 2 improvers tap; 8.30 pm Level 3 rhythm tap;  

FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS with no dance experience – NEXT COURSE STARTS IN SEPTEMBER                                                          


What to wear: 

All you need is a pair of tap shoes and a sense of rhythm! If you don’t have tap shoes and want to try it out anyway, we would advise that you wear smooth soled shoes with a small heel. Should you want to buy any tap shoes, we have a good range available at various prices.

Check the Timetable ; click on classes for details

For all enquiries please email us with your details  http://dance-workshop.co.uk/contact-us