Rita Barker School of Dance (RBSD) Street Classes

45 minute classes for ages  8-12 yrs & 12 up – I.D.T.A. Examination classes (Bronze, silver, gold, medals gold bar & star awards). These high energy classes focus on musicality, rhythm and performance skills, while developing a good dance technique. Students will take part in warm-ups to develop aerobic capacity, strength and technique before learning routines to the latest funky tunes.

Street classes for children run throughout Saturday daytime

Check the Timetable ; click on classes for details.

Children’s classes are payable by the term only unless alternative arrangements are made through the office. Classes are graded according to levels, ages and ability. Please note that as all children have different paces of learning, we aim, as much as possible to grace them accordingly. i.e where they feel comfortable yet challenged. 

For all enquiries please email us with your details  http://dance-workshop.co.uk/contact-us