Egyptian Belly Dance

Wednesday evenings 

What to wear:

Comfortable soft flow skirt or trousers (NO jeans) and top that is easy to move in but is not too baggy, bare feet, band or scarf for the hips (no jingly costumes please) 

In our Egyptian dance classes at Dance Workshop, we teach classical, baladi and shaabi styles. In beginners class the focus will be on simple technique of steps and arm movements and  the student builds as she progresses. We teach  a sound technique in the basic vocabulary of the dance and understanding of how the dancer expresses the music.

Level 2 class – Wednesday 6.30 pm  

Beginners 6 week Introductory course Wednesdays 7.30 pm £36.00 Starting September 13th. We are currently taking names for this course. Booking & payment will be available shortly. To reserve a place please email with your full name and a mobile contact number. 

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