Classical Ballet

Classical ballet classes IDTA based with an element of free work are available from BEGINNERS to ADVANCED . We encourage adults of all ages either with no experience at all or those who just want to come back to ballet after leaving it off. It is never too late to benefit from the discipline of ballet for those who have always wanted to learn. Ballet encourages strength, suppleness and stamina; in the classes the focus is on correct alignment and strengthening the core central muscles. This has a positive effect on improving ones overall posture, strength and poise.We aim to promote a high standard of technique that encourages the best in each individual.  

If you are interested in Ballet:
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What to wear:
Tights or tight leggings in order for the teacher to see the lines of the body. Ballet shoes are available to order.

All classes for Adult ballet are on Tuesday evenings   Beginners:6.30 pm; Level 2: 6.30 pm;                          Level 3 –  7.30 pm;  Level 4: 6.30 pm studio 1.   Point work (30 minute class) 6.00 pm.  

Please email to discuss  classes and how to book. 

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